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PC Problems?… only £35* per hour onsite
Having trouble with your internet connection / email or need help with some annoying problem? don’t despair. We supply a qualified engineer to your door for any kind of computer based problem.

Here are just a few common problems that we regular see:

  • Unable to connect to the Internet even after contacting your ISP for Tech support
  • Email receiving but unable to send
  • Error messages displayed on screen
  • Pop Up messages on your screen that will not go away (Virus/Trojans)
  • PC or Laptop running painfully slow or crashing

*We charge a minimum of 1 hour and there after in 15 minutes intervals pro rata.

PC & Laptop Service… just £45
To keep your PC or Laptop in full working order it should be serviced on a regular basis
Our 20 point service will bring a new lease of life to your tired computer.

Service Includes:

  • Internal inspection of your PC checking CPU cooler, Power Supply, Wiring and dust removal
  • Memory Analysis checker, this software checks for faulty memory modules and compatibility issue
  • Hard Disk Drive Read/Write test and data integrity scan
  • In depth Registry and Program analysis and all errors repaired
  • Remove unnecessary automatic start up programs that use valuable memory and CPU resources
  • Tune up Internet and Network settings to increase performance
  • Virus & Spyware scan
  • Compress Registry settings to speed up Windows
  • Defrag Hard Drive to increase disk performance

We will also advise you on any cost effective upgrade options that are available to you. Any replacement parts are charged in addition to the service cost.


Wireless Networking… Supplied and Installed from £99*
Enjoy the freedom and advantages of a wireless network, by installing a “Wireless Router” in your home. You can install a second/third or as many PC/Laptops as you like in any location that suits you. They can all share one internet connection and printer
Security is essential, all wireless networks must be made secure to prevent unauthorised access to your data files and internet connection, please see example network

Our package includes:

  • Quality ADSL 4 Port Modem/Router supports up to 108Mps
  • Internet Setup to your ISP
  • Secure encrypted network creation
  • Setup & Connection for up to 2 PC’s / Laptop’s

Click here for an example of a
wireless network setup

* We will require access to a BT Master Telephone point and a 13amp Electrical Socket.







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New PC or Laptop Setup… only £55
Do you have a new PC but not sure ware to start with it all. Moving from your old PC to a new one can be quite daunting exercise. Try our fully inclusive New PC set up package

Package Includes:

  • PC Installation and setup
  • Data transfer from your old PC to new one, includes Documents, pics, music, emails, favourites etc
  • Setup Internet connection to your ISP*
  • Email accounts setup*
  • Internet Security setup (Firewall, Anti Virus & Spyware)
  • Disable unwanted Start Up programs, that use valuable PC resources
  • Tune up Internet and Network settings to increase performance
  • Printer Install

*Please note that we will require your Internet Service Provider user details in order for you to be able to connect to your ISP and email accounts.

Complete System Re-install... just £79
PC Crashing or Very Slow ? Don’t SCRAP IT we can bring it back to new.

Windows operating system unfortunately over a period of time slows down and fills up with unwanted rubbish. The registry can become unstable, and the PC almost unusable. Most PC under 6 years old can be restored back to its original condition

Take the GREEN option and try our complete re-install package

Package Includes:

  • PC hardware diagnostic checks
  • We backup your old data includes Documents, pics, music emails, favourites etc
  • Hard Drive Format, this wipes the drive clean
  • Re-install Windows operating system and activate Microsoft licence
  • Download and Install all hardware device drivers
  • Re-load customers backup data
  • Setup Internet connection to you ISP*
  • Email accounts setup*
  • Internet Security setup (Firewall, Anti Virus & Spy ware)
  • Printer Install

*Please note that we will require your Internet Service Provider user details in order for you to be able to connect to your ISP and email accounts.









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Hard Drive Data Deletion... just £19
(Identity Theft! be safe)

Don’t be a victim of Identity theft!. Your old PC or Laptop drive contains all sorts of personal data about you. A simple format of your hard drive does not permanently remove data from your drive. Even worse if you just dump your old equipment any rouge can easily recover data from it.

In order to delete data from your hard drive we use specialist software that wipes to D.O.D standards all data contained within the hard drive. This process can take up to 6 hours to complete depending on drive size and is carried out in our workshop

Package Includes:

  • We collect your old equipment
  • Completely erase all data on hard drive to D.O.D standards
  • Return PC or Laptop to customers home or we scan scrap it for you

Virus & Spyware Removal:
It is essential that your PC is protected against the latest virus & spyware threats. Virus / Trojan problems can adversely affect your PC, Laptop and network and is be far the most common problem we come across.

We all are living in a high tech world and Identity Theft is becoming a real problem for all of us. Your PC can be a prime source of sensitive personal data to organised crime.

Just having an Anti Virus program on your PC is now insufficient protection against the thousands of malicious programs currently in circulation around the world.

If you think your PC might be infected we provide an efficient and through removal service. We scan of your complete PC and remove any infected files.







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Upgrades & Repairs:
A quick simple upgrade can bring a new lease of life to your PC, and allow you to run the latest software application which needs more processing power. Replacing motherboards, graphics card, hard drives etc will boost the overall performance of your PC and ensure compatibility with current technologies.

We can undertake many repairs on site, from graphics cards to CD-ROM’s, so don’t put up with a noisy PC fan or power supply we offer a quick efficient replacement service.

Feeling swamped or perplexed by your computer?
We offer “One to One” training in the comfort of your own home.

From the complete beginner to the more advanced user, each training session is geared around your particular needs.

Our experience shows that training in an informal and friendly atmosphere with as much hands on approach gives the best results.


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